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Hana-chan is 16 and a denpa or a goth psychic. She has the ability to sense people's auras and send out electric waves. Like Uo-chan, she is extremely protective of Tohru, the first person who has truly accepted her. She is very observant, polite and loves to eat sweets. She is rarely seen not eating outside of school. Her nickname, "Hana"-chan, and her manga symbol of a fanged violet relate humorously in that when spoken, they both mean "flower" in Japanese.

Hanajima has a close relationship to her family who accept and even nurture her gift. Her mother seems to resemble Tohru's protective and caring nature, maybe explaining her attachment to Tohru. In the near "parental" protection she and Arisa give Tohru, she acts as the protective mother-in-law.

Hana is a very scary character in Fruits Basket. She somehow sneak up on people. But, she is always willing to do anything to make Tohru happy. Like Arisa, she wishes to return the favor of friendship to Tohru for being her first real friend.

When you look it all over, Hana really is a good person, no matter how scary or mysterious she is.


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The Blog of Hanajima Saki...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

summer delight

I sense a disturbance coming from the train station. Maybe there will be an amazing turn of event? Summer break is fast approaching. I feel somehow that everyone will be rushing to the beach once more. Traveling is also a good idea. Which reminds me, I sense dear Tohru may be leaving for an adventure. I may be wrong. But whatever happens, I'd like to come along.

Uo-chan has just been promoted to being a manager in the convenience store. It's funny too, because she's been complaining too much how boring her life has become. She actually wanted to quit, and just before she was about to announce that she'd leave, they promote her. I don't know what she's doing now.

Has it been a year since I wrote here? My my. More than a year to be precise. Quite a feat.

the vision came true at 10:38 PM

Friday, July 15, 2011

that's a good question

Mom brought cotton candy when she got home. It was a pleasant surprise. Megumi was still asleep and I didn't want to disturb him. Mom remarked that they were getting hard and dry. So I was forced to indulge to solve the crisis. You have to understand that I had to act fast. Or else the cotton candies would go to waste. And every children should've learned from their parents by now that waste is no grace.


I forgot how cotton candy tastes like. They taste great; it's somewhat magical. They say I'm mysterious but cotton candy is more of a mystery to me. How can a simple string of sugar never fails to make anyone smile?

"It should be cloud candy." right?

"Nee-san. Why didn't you wake me up?"

the vision came true at 11:02 PM

Sunday, April 04, 2010

woeful thinking

Is fame meaningful?

Why is it that I feel so much tension around the world these days? Keeping it closer to home, I feel as if the neighborhood kids these days are trying hard just to impress everybody. Then they hide it in a facade that they're working hard not to impress but to express. For example, they work so hard that they forget their health. Times have changed and life in school has changed as well. Sensei in psychology said that teens these days face enormous pressure around them. I mean, when they go to the internet and watch videos, they want to imitate them; probably because of all the 'positive' feedbacks. When they watch TV, they get bombarded with what's 'acceptable' to society, thus they diet, judge and reject themselves of their true essence and true nature; boys and girls forget what's genuine beauty. Teens work, and that takes time away from studying.

Overall, it's like a race to be noticed.

There's this question that isn't really hard to answer: what makes life hard? People say diseases make life hard. Others say that it lies in a person's attitude how it would alleviate life's difficulties.

I laugh. I can smell the blame for money.

"Saki, what're you writing?"

"Uo-chan, it's nothing. I just couldn't sleep."

"Me too. After me and Tohru stayed here for the weekend, I feel like I don't want to go to school tomorrow."

"Don't try to be psychic." but it's exactly as what Uo-chan said. I don't want to go to school tomorrow.

I guess the three of us should spend more time together. Staying over at someone's house for a couple of days is fun. How come when you're having fun, time goes by so fast?

the vision came true at 11:43 PM

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I was in bed all day. The weather got the best of me. When it got colder, I got the shiver. The shiver turned into the flu. Tohru came over to visit today. I wore a mask to keep this sickness away from her. But it's nice for her to come, since I was asked to take care of myself. Everyone is so busy.

It's a seasonal flu. It's not the flu that's in the news today.

"Don't worry, Saki-chan. You didn't miss much today."

"Tohru, thank you."

"Sugoi. Your fever is high. Wait here, I'll prepare some chicken soup for you. Ah! Uo-san said that she'll drop by later."

Tohru handed me her notes. Uo didn't really come tonight. Maybe Tohru just said that she'd come to comfort me.

To be honest, I did have a high temperature. I was in denial the moment I laid here, and I told everyone that I was fine. Tohru knew that my body heat was frightening, but I wasn't worried. Tohru calmed me down. It's her magic.

And I thought I am mysterious.

Tohru insisted that I take the day off tomorrow as well. She left until my parents came back. I'm all better now.

the vision came true at 9:15 PM

Saturday, July 25, 2009

pleasant waves and the calm water

I felt a strange bond between Tohru and Kyo today. I decided to join them fishing together with Uo, Prince Yuki, and Shigure. And I noticed that the attraction between them before had grew stronger. From the start, I sensed an attraction between Kyo and Tohru and it made me restless. Now that their attraction is stronger, my mind is split whether I should do something about it or let it go. However, I understand my position being Tohru's bestfriend and maybe I should leave Tohru to her decision. Setting aside the 'attraction topic', Overall, today has been a fun day near the lake.

the vision came true at 8:41 PM